The Social Media Speaker You’re Looking For

Long gone are the days of black and white presentations filled with paragraphs, bullets, and information copied and pasted from a blog post. Your attendees want to leave your conference jam picked full of new ideas for their business. So, let’s give them what they want!

I’ve been speaking at conferences locally, nationally, and internationally since 2012 and LOVE what I do. On stage, teaching people how to perfect their business is what I do best. It’s where I belong.

You’re audience won’t just enjoy my presentation, but they’ll LEARN from it with actionable tips.

A Few of the Conferences I’ve Been Invited to Speak At

What Do I Speak About?

Quite a lot, actually, but mainly I talk about how businesses can succeed with social media and Facebook advertising. Here’s a handful of the topics I regularly present about:

  • How to Increase Clicks Using Facebook Ads
  • Gain Traffic: Ways to Increase Traffic Using Social Media
  • Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips
  • Targeting the Right Social Media Demographic, and Getting a ROI
  • How to Market Just About Anything on Social Media

Interested in Seeing What my Decks Look Like?

I promise, they’re not boring by any means.

5 Reasons Why Ashley is the Speaker You’re Looking For

  1. Designs Custom Presentations. Not two audiences are the same, which is why no two presentations should be the same. Each presentation Ashley designs is unique and created custom for your event and audience. She will do thorough research on your event prior to preparing the presentation to make sure every concern is met.
  2. Provides the Utmost Respect. As someone who has hosted conferences and seminars in the past, Ashley knows how important it is to ensure every detail is up to par on the day of the event. That’s why she goes the extra mile to make sure both your event and her are the perfect fit. Then, she crafts the right presentation that will give your audience actionable tips, meets each of your speaking guidelines, and presents an impressive presentation that will help your event shine.
  3. She Can Walk the Walk. Ashley won’t present on a topic unless it’s something she has first hand experience and expertise in. Your audience members are given the most up-to-date information and tips that they can take back to the office and implement with. If the setting permits, your audience may even get hand outs and checklists to help guide them. As someone who is constantly on top of every update and researching for her own clientele, Ashley’s expertise is something you and your attendees can count on.
  4. Engages With the Audience. Once the presentation is over, you won’t find Ashley running for the door. Some of the most impactful moments at events happen after the event. That’s why you can expect Ashley to stick around and address any additional questions your attendees may have whether it’s right after the presentation, after the event, or at an event’s social function.
  5. Experience With Crowds of All Sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re event consists of 12 people or 250, Ashley has spoken in both intimate settings and on large platforms and has the confidence, skills, and professionalism your conference and attendees desire.

“Ashley delivers the presentation your audience wants: actionable, relatable, and impactful content. I have been both an audience member and presenting along side Ashley. Her delivery style makes the audience feel confident they can apply the wealth of knowledge that she shares. It is challenging to balance between providing tactics and being interesting to listen to, Ashley has a unique ability to capture your attention while teaching you valuable strategies.”

Jabez LeBret

CEO Trial 3D, Journalist at Forbes & NBC, Education Innovator

“Want a Facebook advertising pro who your audiences will love? Ashley is down-to-earth, high energy, and a pleasure to work with.”

Dennis Yu


“Ashley is so warm and engaging when speaking. Her enthusiasm for marketing is infectious. It is great to see her hold the room’s attention, an essential skill of a great speaker.”

Serena Ryan

CMO, Serena Dot Ryan

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